Innisfree eco science deep cream инструкция

innisfree eco science deep cream инструкция
What the hell is a chemical exfoliant, and why should you choose it over a scrub? You use these just the same as a toner – after cleansing, and before other serums and moisturiser. This is a clear gel which you apply at night. They contain lactic acid (an AHA, remember), and smell pleasantly of citrus. The most popular way to work AHA/BHAs into your skincare routine is with an exfoliating toner, or an acid toner, after cleansing. If you follow Caroline Hirons, you’ll know she’s a firm proponent of the Pixi Glow Tonic, but by no means is that the only one out there. Since 2001, Suncoat has been crafting nail polishes with a water base and no toxins.

ToggleCourtesy of brandHave you heard of Aztec Healing Clay? Lastly and most importantly, they’re just not as effective! Some nail polish brands have nearly 30 chemicals all combined. Rather than replacing known toxins with other chemicals, a common practice among nail polish makers, Suncoat uses water. Giving your face a good scrubby-scrub with a flannel or gritty cleanser is satisfying and makes your skin feel squeaky clean. So what’s wrong with a scrub?

Photo courtesy of ShutterstockMany of these brands still use other chemicals, so be sure to double-check the ingredients for others that cause you concern. Washing your face and then washing the cleanser off doesn’t give them enough time to be effective. I saw the word ‘peel’ up there. They’re a nice idea in theory, but cleansers with a chemical exfoliant ingredient are a waste of time: the acids need to stay on your skin in order to work. Some moisturisers contain AHAs and BHA, and this is another good way to integrate them into your skincare.

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