Инструкция к eclipse 7

Right-click on snippets or repositories to get further options. Access the marketplace via Help > Eclipse Marketplace … and search for “Code Recommenders”. From the search results, select “Eclipse Code Recommenders” and click Install. Setting this property to false excludes the product from the verification and aggregation process. Enabled true false true Controls whether a Mapped Repository is considered as part of the Contribution. There is a default translation from BSN naming standard to Maven naming. If that is not satisfactory, custom transformations are supported by the definition of one or more Maven Mappings which can be defined at the Aggregator and the Contribution level.

Subtypes Completion since 2.2.0 The Subtypes Completion engine ensures that any types from a project’s JAR dependencies will receive a boost in the Content Assist recommendations if they are a subtype of the expected type. Older aggr files will therefore be converted and given one validation set called main Property Value(s) Default Value Comment Description — An optional description of the validation set. Thus, adding the feature to a custom category will update this property automatically in the Feature definition, and vice versa. Setup Eclipse Code Recommenders comes pre-installed and activated in the following Eclipse Mars packages, and so no extra steps are necessary to start utilizing its power. The Aggregator provides fine-grained control over the contribution from each Mapped Repository through references to Products, Bundles, Features, Categories, Exclusion Rules, Valid Configuration Rules.

Switch to the Snippet Source tab. On this tab, you’ll need to describe your snippet in the JFace template language. Self-calls The Self-calls page shows show you which super calls to make based on other subclasses of the same type. Code Recommenders > Completions You can selectively enable and disable Eclipse Code Recommenders’ session processors on the Code Recommenders > Completions preference page. Code Recommenders > Snipmatch since 2.1.0 By default, Snipmatch obtains its snippets from a pre-configured Git repository hosted by the Eclipse Foundation. For example, the current selection (if any) will automatically be inserted in place of the ${line_selection} variable. Using this view, you can also add or remove new model repositories.

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