Насосы flotec sub 8s инструкция

насосы flotec sub 8s инструкция
Enlarging the sump pit (if possible) would be wise. Raise float manually or add water until float is at activation height to test switch. Skip to Content JavaScript must be enabled in order for you to use this site. Combination sump pumps protect homeowners in nearly any circumstance, offering complete home flood protection. Model 506274 includes a 1/3 HP shaded pole motor with overload protection, and one Amazon customer’s review mentions that the pump works quietly, even though he had a wet year and pump ran frequently. Nearly 100 Amazon customers have given this submersible sump pump 4.5 stars, and many of them commented that the pump was both reliable and durable.

Ideal for high-volume water removal, the RL-SC50T features heavy-duty cast iron construction with an energy efficient motor. Water is coming back into pit from discharge pipe After pump has run, inspect to see if water is coming back into pit through the sump pump. If so, check valve has failed. Volute (bottom of pump) is cracked allowing water to leak out Inspect bottom section of pump for cracks or holes that would allow water ot escape.

Float switch is out of adjustment Check if pump shuts off before float ball is all the way down. If it’s shutting down too early, adjust float switch per instructions in owners’ manual. The primary pump is a top suction and cast iron 1/2 HP pump with vertical float switch for automatic operation, while the battery back-up pump is a high-flow, corrosion-resistant sump pump with reliable reed float switch and battery box with charger. Inspect to see if check valve is stuck closed.

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