Часы таг хауэр cl111c.ft6000 инструкция

часы таг хауэр cl111c.ft6000 инструкция
The first watch models featured the traditional TAG Heuer “Mercedes” hands, and circular hour-markers, except at 6, 9 and 12 o’clock where applied numerals were employed. The Ti5 Kirium was only available with quartz movements, and with either a brushed or polished finish. The 1/ 10th second chronograph has a 3-6-9 o’clock dial layout and offers a clean look- there is no outer-circle to mark out the sub-dials. The TAG Heuer Kirium series was launched in 1997 and marked the end of one era and the birth of another. The design of the hands changed in 2000, with the quartz watch switching to the design used by the quartz Chronograph since launch.

Под этим именем он зарегистрировал единственные в своем роде часы Heuer. Kirium Formula 1 The Kirium Formula 1 watch was added to the range in 2002/ 3 and features a combination analogue-digital dial. There was no room for the Kirium, which all of a sudden did not fit where the TAG Heuer range was headed. Джек Хоэр ниспроверг каноны часового дизайна, а бренд TAG Heuer стал с тех пор сочетать в себе моду и функциональность. The quality of the materials and finishes is several steps above the early 1990s offerings and the Kirium is still a favourite of many collectors, with prices still very reasonable.

This allowed the watch to look like a normal 3-hand watch when the chronograph was not being used, with the dial lighting up to reveal a series of other functions. TAG Heuer offered the same movement in the 2000 Multigraph. The final design change came in 2003/ 4 when the word “Kirium” appears on the dial, a feature that would continue until the quartz watch was discontinued in 2006. Kirium Quartz Chronograph Unlike the 4000 series, the chronograph was available at launch. Design Given its importance to the newly independent company, TAG Heuer could not afford to make a mistake with the Kirium, and so appointed renowned designer Jorg Hysek for the new watch. The dial design was very similar to the 4000, with even the “Professional 200m” placement and script looking almost identical. In place of the baton-shaped hour markers of the 4000 were circular lume markers, shaped like drops of liquid metal.

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