Toshiba estudio 163 инструкция

Open the .dotx document template that you created. If your template has a text box, click in the text box and put in your text. If it doesn’t have a text box, begin typing where you want. Eco-friendly The e-STUDIO2507 series supports the Energy Star international environmental standard, providing excellent energy-saving performance. Developer sleeve Fig. 3-34 Confirm that the side seals are attached on the toner scattering prevention sheet.

You’ll simplify invoice validation, and eliminate the need to process, file, and archive. If you are equipped with a vendor invoice automation solution, electronic invoicing removes the need to scan paper invoices for validation and integration into your ERP system. Fig. 3-43 Tighten the left-hand hinge screw at the rear side. Otherwise, your job will print after you had pressed the Green Start button in the previous step. 11/09/11 pg (18 vote(s)) Helpful Not helpful. The equipment is quite heavy and weighs approximately 32 kg (70.55 lb), therefore pay full atten- tion when handling it. Note: Note: Changing one value shifts the copy image by 0.042 mm.

From entry level to high performance, all are easy to use. Quickly and easily access, review and download your invoices anytime online via the Web portal. Perform troubleshooting for back- ground fogging. Is there a blotch on the image? Caution: Dispose of used batteries and IC-RAMs including lithium batteries according to this manual. Each one is designed for scalability and flexibility, so you can find the right fit for any of your business needs. Find the Copier and right click it, and then choose Printing Preferences.

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