Canon powershot d10 инструкция

canon powershot d10 инструкция
Spot & Shooting with the AE Lock When you wish to take several shots with the same exposure, you can set the exposure and focus separately using the AE lock. Page 100: Changing Functions Changing Functions You can customize convenient and commonly used functions from the 3 tab (p. 44). Turning Off the Start-up Image You can turn off the start-up image that displays when you turn on the camera. The D10’s size and weird shape (a cross between a baseball and a bar of soap, and very much like a Russet potato) means that you won’t be able to stuff it into your pocket. Page 110: Handling Precautions LCD monitor. • Use a commercially available blower brush to remove dust from the lens. Please also refer to the Personal Printing Guide.

Automatically adjusts the ISO speed to the shooting mode and shooting conditions. One impressive thing about the D10 is the speed with which it’s ready for action – less than a second from pressing the on/off button. Canon’s DIGIC 4 processor has improved on the face recognition of earlier models and in good light the D10 does a great of of identifying and tracking faces even when turned almost to full profile. Pressing the shutter button halfway while in playback mode, or pressing the æ… Page 24: Erasing Images Erasing Images You can select and erase images one at a time. Page 102: Changing The Lens Retract Time Changing Functions Creating Folders by Day and Time You can set a day and time for folder creation.

Page 29: Viewing Movies Viewing Movies You can view your movies on the screen. Transferring Images to a Computer Macintosh CameraWindow will appear when a connection between the camera and computer is established. You may be able to use ISO 800 for small/mid-sized prints and display though. Page 28: Stop Shooting X Shooting Movies Elapsed Time Microphone Estimated Shooting Times Memory Card Shooting Time • Shooting times are based on default settings. Page 76: Magnifying The Focal Point Magnifying the Focal Point If you press the shutter button halfway, the AF frame will magnify and you can check the focus.

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