Инструкция на сириус

Model Operations describes the small language which can be used throughout Viewpoint Specification Models to describe behavior (for example for tools). Colors explains how colors can be specified for all kinds of representations. For more information on Sirius, please refer to the Sirius User Manual , which describes how end-users can use the designers you created. In addition to this documentation, see also the main project site: and the top-level wiki page. Queries and Interpreted Expressions explains the general rules to follow to write the expressions used inside Viewpoint Specification Models , and the various languages supported. The next sections are specific to a kind of representation supported by Sirius: Diagrams describes how to specify general graphical modelers. Sirius Developer Manual This document gives an overview of the internals of the Sirius platform, and describes the main APIs and extension points.

Sequence Diagrams are a special case of diagram with many peculiarities and specific kinds of tools, which are detailed here. Architecture Overview provides a high-level view of how Sirius is structured. Tables covers how to specify both edition tables and matrix-like cross-tables. Properties View shows how to define custom properties views for your modelers.

The Sirius platform is extensible, and the next sections describe some common extension scenarios: The Sirius platform publishs a set of API, and the next sections describe some which require particular attention:. Trees shows how to create tree-like modelers for a hierarchical view of data. Architecture and Concepts describes the general architecture of the system, the main concepts and top-level entry points in the APIs. Meta-models gives a high-level description of the various meta-models used internally by Sirius, to represent both VSMs and representation files.

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