Инструкция на gtr 300v

инструкция на gtr 300v
Sign In Search for Safety Data Sheets (SDS) for our products by inputting the product name, selecting the appropriate regulatory body and choosing your language. Wheel Alignment After what Nissan terms as the suspension components «break-in», the GTR’s wheel alignment needs to be measured and adjusted. We can offer a full adjustment using the latest laser alignment equipment. Being able to regularly maintain and service this incredible machine is vital.

For those doing track days, we can tailor your service to include any extras you may need such as additional transmission fluid changes or a laser alignment and optimisation. Differential OilThe differential fluid we use is the same as the original Nissan fill for the 2008-2010 cars which is Castrol Syntrax. We also carry the Motul/Nismo 75w140 Diff oil for those with the later 2011+ models or for cars that see harder use. Depending on driving conditions, more frequent adjustments may be necessary to help maximize vehicle performance. You can click on this PDF document to see our current GTR Servicing costs. Europe are also following a 6,000mile service interval with the main optimisation services every 12months or 12,000miles. The drive-train in the R35 Nissan GTR is one of the most advanced produced by any manufacturer.

The power output of each bank must be checked and adjusted as necessary. From driftcar to dragcar, racecar to showcar, our experienced team can advise you on products to suit your needs when modifying your car whether it be after market bolt on parts, right through to specialised high performance tuning parts. Engine oilFor engine oil we have a choice of the factory fill Mobil 1 and the full range of Motul engine oils.

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