Инструкция tra25

инструкция tra25
Also notice that O-rings are located on each turret for waterproofing. Bullseyes for Bushnell on this compact and reasonably priced gem. Чешская карта не обязательна, я использовал карту ВТБ24 Mastercard Standard, оплата прошла без проблем. The dot intensity is very simple to adjust, and the vertical/horizontal adjustments are accurate. Figure 4 The next photo shows the scope with the lens cover removed. While zeroing the scope, I found the windage and elevation adjustment to be firm and could detect positive click positions.

Overall I would say that the exterior of the scope is compact and rugged and should be able to handle some abuse. The 25mm objective lens on the scope makes this a fairly tight angle of alignment to see through the scope and have the dot within the viewing area. Шаг 7: Распечатка временной In-Karta и начало экономии на билетах В конечном счете вы получите на эл. почту письмо с приложенным PDF, в котором будет находиться временная In-Karta для использования до тех пор, пока вы не заберете пластиковую карту на ЖД-вокзале. Not that it really matters, but Bushnell did a good job on the packaging for the scope. According to the Owner’s Manual, the lens cover should be removed downwards and the rubber string will then grab around the sight and base.

Figure 1 The next couple of photos show the sides of the box which state the general features of the scope and the bottom of the box showing various other pieces of information. Engineered to provide long lasting PENN durability, the HT-100 drag system is smooth from the beginning to the end. Шаг 0: Подготовка Для подачи заявления на карту вам понадобится отсканированная фотография на документы. The adjusting was very easy and the red dot is crisp. I added a 0.83 riser to co-witness with the BUIS. They may not be «operator» quality, but for target shooting, home defense and the defensive AR course my wife signed us up for, they will do the job. Also throughout shooting, I had the illumination of the red dot set on the «1» power, which was perfect for the indoor shooting light conditions.

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