Инструкция азотобактер

инструкция азотобактер
Isolates of group I of the ARDRA (Figure 3) showed restriction patterns similar to those obtained from the sequences of Azotobacter species used in the in silico restriction, whereas the majority of isolates of group II did not show this similarity. Protein Motif fingerprint database; a protein domain databaseMore…PRINTSiPR01229. GFLUORESCENT. Superfamily database of structural and functional PFAMiSSF54511. SSF54511. 1 hit. Isolations were done in selective free nitrogen Ashby-Sucrose agar obtaining a recovery of 40%. Twenty four isolates were evaluated for colony and cellular morphology, pigment production and metabolic activities. Arch Microbiol. 174(3):135-42. ^ Schwarzer D, Finking R, Marahiel MA. 2003. Nonribosomal peptides: from genes to products.

Der Durchmesser beträgt 1,6–2,5 Mikrometer, die Länge liegt im Bereich von 3 bis 5 Mikrometer. Der Stickstoff wird hierbei von dem Bakterium durch ein spezifisches Enzym, eine Nitrogenase, zu Ammoniak reduziert. Ecosistemas. 2,1-10. [ Links ] 24. Pandey, A.; Kumar, S. (1990). Inhibitory effects of Azotobacter chroococcum and Azospirillum brasiliense on a range of rhizosphere fungi. Plant Soil. 90,73-80. [ Links ] 4. Becking, J. (2006). The family Azotobacteraceae.

For preliminary identification (Table 1), morphological traits (cell and colony morphology) and pigment production in the Ashby-Benzoate agar were considered. Isolates C5CA and C1Z formed the characteristic cysts of Azotobacter (Figure 1C). According to Hitchins and Sadoff (15) cysts can be formed by the action of the calcium ion present in the Ashby agar after the exponential phase of growth or under adverse conditions due to the lack of nutrients. Pontificia Javeriana University). [ Links ] 10. Felsenstein, J. (1985). Confidence limits on phylogenies: an approachusing the bootstrap.

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