Инструкция для меню в bmw 7er e65

инструкция для меню в bmw 7er e65
For this one, Jasmine started with iDrive, and quickly found the entertainment area with the stereo controls. First BMW to feature ‘Push-Button-Start’. The rectangular key-fob was inserted into a slot next to the steering wheel and the driver would push a button to start the engine. Test the tech: Novice at the wheelThe dashboard of the 2008 BMW 750i looks very clean because BMW keeps buttons to a minimum.

Today, BMW is working on this evolving technology in partnership with Toyota. When the service icons appear, press the Reset button again to scroll through the maintenance items, then press the Reset button again to reset each as needed. On cars with a Start/Stop button, insert the remote control key fob into the ignition slot. Such long oil change intervals with a high-mileage engine that has more blowby and wear than a new engine may be asking for trouble. RESETTING THE MAINTENANCE REMINDER On older BMWs (up to model year 2000), a special tool can be used to reset the oil service reminder light. Alpina would do a version of the F01 generation model as well.

Ultimately, BMW stuck with both: «Some European customers have told me how glad they are that there is still a short 7 Series, a car with moderate amounts of chrome and decor [i.e. all the posh cabin extras that come with the long wheelbase version],» says BMW executive Hildegard Wortmann. Изменилась форма контроллера и появилась клавиша «menu», нажатие которой вызывает главную страницу меню. Новая мультимедиа-система кроме DVD-дисков и телепрограмм позволяет смотреть и цифровое телевидение (DVB-T).[9] Чёрную вишню в отделке заменил американский орех.[7] Вся линейка моторов, за исключением 760i, подверглась модернизации.

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