Lg optimus e425 инструкция

lg optimus e425 инструкция
Под экраном — механическая клавиша, выполненная в форме прямоугольника и утопленная в корпус. Then lift the screen from the point indicated by the arrow below. Do not force the screen, just keep applying heat until it is free. Lock screen – Checkmark to enable you move the PIN Lock screen keypad to the right or left side of the device. If you want to buy a replacement screen, screwdrivers and other parts, you can order from us here — LG Optimus L3 E400 screenTools required for disassembly: Phillips screwdriver, plastic tool such as a guitar plectrum or credit card.First remove your battery, sim card and memory card. LG Optimus S Manual / User Guide x We have placed cookies on your device to make your experience better. Page 53: Using The Quickmemo Options, Viewing The Saved Quickmemo in the toolbar to save the memo with the current screen. To exit QuickMemo at any time, tap NOTE: Please use a fingertip while using the QuickMemo. Do not use your fingernail.

For those host devices that utilize a USB port as a charging source, the host device’s user manual shall include a statement that the phone shall only be… Page 97 Charging temperature range is between 32 °F and 113 °F. Do not charge the battery out of recommended temperature range. Getting to know the viewfinder Flash – Choose from Off , On , Auto Swap camera – Switch between the rear–facing camera lens and the front– facing camera lens. Page 59: Music Touch to pause/resume video playback. Page 35: Calls, Making A Call, Calling Your Contacts, Answering And Rejecting A Call Calls Making a call From the Home screen, tap Phone to open the dial pad.

The Email application supports the following account types: POP3, IMAP and Exchange. Fixed dialing numbers – Turn on and compile a list of numbers that can be called from your phone. Page 47: Once You’ve Taken A Photo to take a picture. To view the moments just before the picture was taken, tap the image thumbnail at the bottom of the Camera screen. All referred licence terms, disclaimers and notices are available for download with the source code. Wi-Fi® and Wi-Fi Protected Access®are registered trademarks of the Wi-Fi Alliance. With the circuit board removed, your phone should look like below. Restores all camera default settings. TIP! When you exit the camera, some settings return to their defaults, such as white balance, color effect, timer and scene mode.

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