Инструкция whiteboard

About Open Source Software This product is used for a part of open source software being offered based on LGPL (Lesser General Public License) of Free Software Foundation. Support Language:English, Russian, German, Spanish, Traditional Chinese, French (Canada), Korean, Portuguese (Brazil), French, Italian, Arabic Please refer to Read Me First before installation and check System Requirements for this software. The software whiteboard is visible only to the nurses and integrates the staff assignments from the nurse call system, the patient and the bed information from the ADT (admission-discharge-transfer) interface, and the staff location information from the location server. When the application of the supported Voting System is installed, the button of «Voting System» becomes effective automatically. The condition of corresponding respectively is applied to the software.

When the application of the supported Desktop info Cameras is installed, the button of «Desktop Info Camera» becomes effective automatically. This software include Operating Instructions for Setup and Usage. However, HIPAA limits the information displayed in these public displays. In this paper, a software solution called whiteboard which is HIPAA compliant is developed to replace these manual public displays. Please download the Operating Instructions on this Web page and refer to it. Please download the installer for the gallery you need. Please refer to the below Software Guide and About Open Source Software before installation.
Before using the software, please read LGPL well. The gallery can be installed by elite Panaboard Gallery Installer. After restarting the computer, the setting is enabled. Power-off Time Setting Tool Purpose of useIf you switch off the computer connected to the UB-T880/UB-T880W, or unplug the USB cable, the UB-T880/UB-T880W turns off automatically after about 60 minutes.

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