Видео инструкция т7000

The unit is equipped with two HD or SD-SDI outputs and one analog composite output. Easy just met efficient.Set-up or view test limits, and testing attributes. LinkWare pulls data togther into a single report that is easy for customers to understand, showcasing quality and workmanship. LinkWare Live automatically ensures your testers are running the latest. Additionally, the unit’s built-in browser can be used to export or save data to an external computer. Three color correction modes are available: Balance, Differential, and Sepia.

Notes EagleEye Director 2.0 is supported with HDX system version 3.1.1 or later only HDX system version supports EagleEye Director 1.0 only All HDX software versions after Version contain the 3rd party software Heartbleed vulnerability fix. Also, you’ll notice smoother experience when interacting with your TV. Smart Interaction SMART interaction lets you control your TV with exciting interactive features. Using Versiv and LinkWare Live, Extreme Packets has significantly reduced overall project completion time by as much as 70%. In many cases, a project that would normally take 12 hours to complete with their old testers now takes as little as four hours to finish.

Instantly search for content making it faster to find the programs and movies you want while you are still watching TV. Contrast Enhancer Flat images come to life with Samsung’s Contrast Enhancer. Powerful Quad Core performance Thanks to a powerful Quad Core processor, your Samsung Smart TV offers enhanced performance. But even more, Agilent CrossLab is your pipeline to a global team of scientific and technical experts who deliver vital, actionable insights at every level of the lab environment. Accessory Replacement — Some accessories are essential to testing and certifying cable. If any accessory that comes with your FI-7000 FiberInspector Pro are qualified as defective or faulty by our technical assistance center, it will be replaced free of charge. Apps shown may not be available on all Samsung Smart TV products. After general adjustment in this mode, users can switch to more precise color correction in the 12-axis mode.

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