Czc1 battery charger инструкция

czc1 battery charger инструкция
Simply put, the clamps will not arc or spark until being placed on a battery. The red LED on my inverter has turned on, what is happening? How do I tell what type of battery I have; Flooded, AGM or Gel?

Install a new fuse that is the exact same type and rating. That’s due in part to our comprehensive warranty program — a pledge to build the best products available on the market today. The use of a hydrometer or voltmeter to monitor the battery state of charge is recommended for use with all manual battery chargers. Be sure to monitor the charging process and stop it when the battery is charged.

Flooded or Wet Cell batteries are the most common lead-acid battery type in use today. Contact the TV manufacturer for startup surge rating and/or if the TV is compatible with a modified sine wave. An inverter producing a larger power output may be required. Why can’t I measure a voltage when connecting my volt meter to the battery clips? No output power is supplied until the battery charger’s clips are hooked up to the battery.

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