Инструкция joomla 1/6

инструкция joomla 1/6
For most Joomla! sites, the first two methods will successfully update your site. LeoTheme is a themes provider having many years of experience in web development. We produce high quantity Joomla templates and Prestashop themes that can be used as a basis for fast and high quality website. For the Database Password, you can use a variety of characters, numbers and special characters with some exceptions. Rename it to configuration.php, then edit the file in your HTML editor of choice. To get a RFC 2822 date (used in RSS) of the current local time :. Enter it again in the Confirm Admin Password field to ensure your password is correct.

That’s why information about available update to the Tabs GK5 module is displayed on the Extension Manager:Updates area. If there will be a newer version of an Tabs GK5 available, you’ll receive a notification. Basic Settings – “Basic” tab One of the most useful features of Basic Settings is the option to save and load module configuration. The second method to update your Joomla! 1.6.5/1.6.6 site to 1.7.0 is to use the extension installer, just as if you were installing a component, module, plugin, or template in your site. The fields are as follows: Database Type – Sets the database type; either MySQLi or MySQL. For most modern installations this will be MySQLi, so you may leave this as default. Now you’re ready to upload the files. In my case I have an FTP connection in place and I had a domain and directory set up, I decided to use that. При апгрейде способом описанным в этой статьей, никакие сделанные вами настройки затронуты не будут и русский язык как был установлен по умолчанию, так им и останется.

Для начинающего вебмастера ответ на этот вопрос не очевиден и ему очень страшно бывает что-либо сделать не так. Note: If the selected template uses commercial extensions like JomSocial, those extensions will not be included in the Quickstart package and it will be necessary to to purchase/download the extension directly from the developer before it may be used with the template. For reference, I’ve included that information again. To install Joomla!, you have two choices, by web browser or by FTP. I’ve decided to choose the FTP route. I created my first installation of Joomla! using an automated interface in GoDaddy. Now, transfer the entire contents of the extracted quickstart package to this location. **Important!** – make sure to transfer only the files and folders contained within the extracted quickstart folder, and not the extracted folder itself. //because hotmail will say «Your email address needs to start with a letter. The four remaining options from this group are related to external CSS and JavaScript files.

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