Miele h4210b инструкция

miele h4210b инструкция
Page 32: Roasting Chart 4) Use the 2nd shelf level from the bottom for Conventional A. 5) The shelf levels are counted from the bottom of the oven upwards (1 = lowest; 4 = highest). The information given in this chart is intended only as a guide. Reassemble in the reverse order, carefully ensuring all parts are correctly in place. Miele-teknikk Miele står for perfekt funksjon og de beste resultater, med minimalt energiforbruk – enten det er på kjøkkenet, når det vaskes eller når det støvsuges.

They have to be released before the oven can be used. The cooking duration does not need to be changed. Miele-kvalitet I mer enn 100 år har Miele vært opptatt av tillit, og at produktene deres ikke skal svikte. This helps retain juices when the meat is carved. Как выбрать ручной экран Ручной экран – полезное приобретение для учебной аудитории, офиса, конференц-зала, дома.

Lue lisää Mielen tuotteista: Miele K20.000-sarjan kylmälaitteet Mielen K20.000-sarjan kylmälaitteet tarjoavat elintarvikkeillesi optimaaliset säilytysolosuhteet innovatiivisilla ominaisuuksilla ja tyylikkäällä muotoilulla. Page 12 The manufacturer cannot be held liable for unauthorised work. If the supply cord is damaged, it must be replaced by a Miele approved service technician in order avoid a hazard. Anti-splash tray… Page 10: Caring For The Environment Caring for the environment Disposal of the packing material The transport and protective packing has been selected from materials which are environmentally friendly for disposal and can normally be recycled. Baking… Page 28: Baking Chart 5) The shelf levels are counted from the bottom of the oven upwards (1 = lowest; 4 = highest). 6) Place the rack on the floor of the oven, and stand the bowl containing the dough on the rack.

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