Инструкция toshiba e-studio 163

Page 71: Copying In Same Page Order As Originals — Sort Copying Copying in Same Page Order as Originals — Sort Copying — When you make several sets of copies, the copies can be made to exit in the same order as the originals in each set. Page 26 1 PREPARATION 7. USB terminal (4-pin) With this terminal, the equipment can be connected to your PC using a commercially avail- able USB cable. Pull the transfer unit toward you carefully to lay it down while hold- ing up the green lever.

Paper Jams… Page 89: Paper Jams Within Fuser Unit Paper jams within fuser unit Be careful not to let your fingers be caught between the equipment and the side cover. Automatic paper selection (APS): The equipment detects the size of the original placed and automatically selects copy paper of the same size as the original. Page 60 2 HOW TO MAKE COPIES Using Bypass Tray… Page 61: Table Of Contents This chapter describes various functions related to copy operations, such as how to make enlargement or reduction copies, or how to adjust the quality of copy images. Press and hold the [COPY] and [DRAWER] buttons simultaneously for more than two seconds. “Fnc” appears on the LED display.

The total number of sheets appears on the LED display. Close the transfer unit and the side cover. The lamp of the paper source currently selected is lit. Turn the dial to release the jammed original.

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